Our People

Carina Walters – Pharmacy

Supervisors: Professor Janie Sheridan, Dr David Newcombe, Professor Chris Bullen

Research topic: Pharmaceutical opioid misuse in New Zealand: Exploring experiences of individuals with non-illicit pathways to dependence

Retina Rimal – Psychological Medicine

Supervisor: Dr Frederick Sundram

Research topic: Social anxiety, electronic gaming machine play and decision-making ability

Annabel Prescott – Population Health

Supervisor: Associate Professor Peter Adams

Research topic: Case studies of school drug policies and practice

Sarah Sharpe (MD candidate) – Population Health

Supervisors: Professor Shanthi Ameratunga, Dr Robyn Whittaker, Dr Bridget Kool (Advisor)

Research topic: The YourCall Study: Development and evaluation of a mobile phone text message intervention to address hazardous drinking behaviours among adults admitted to hospital following an injury

Alison Schneller – Population Health

Supervisor: Associate Professor Peter Adams

Research topic: Critical analysis of mechanisms used in compulsory community treatment orders

Anantha Kumar Population Health

Supervisors: Professor Chris Bullen and Dr Karen Bissell

Research topic: Smoking cessation in rural India

Rhiannon Martel – Population Health

Supervisor: Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith

Research topic: An evaluation of primary care e-screening for mental health risky health behaviours among TeTai Tokerau youth

Delia Cotoros – Population Health

Supervisors: Dr David Newcombe, Dr Rob McNeil

Research topic: Internet Addiction (IA) – exploring the relationship between IA and certain psychopathologies

Sam White – Population Health/Medicine

Supervisors: Dr Peter Huggard and A/P Marcus Henning

Research topic: Evaluation of the University of Auckland Addiction Workforce Development Programme

Rayna Sharma – Pharmacy

Supervisors: Associate Professor Jo Barnes and Dr Rhys Ponton

Research topic: Use of herbal substances as treatments for substance use disorder, and as drugs of misuse