Director's message

Welcome to the Centre for Addiction Research – we are working to improve quality of life and well-being for New Zealanders whose lives are affected by addictive consumptions.

The establishment of the Centre for Addiction Research (CFAR) in late 2012 brought together the most diverse group of addictions researchers in New Zealand, who are exploring the effects of dangerous consumption on the body, the individual, communities and society.

Members of the Centre are dedicated to examining the causes, patterns and the impact of addictive consumption, as well as ways of reducing associated harms.

We have an established record of identifying and evaluating interventions to help individuals manage dangerous substance use, and we work closely with treatment providers to facilitate the translation of our scientific discoveries into practical applications for people living with addiction.  We are committed to working with service providers and other agencies to improve support for whānau and communities.

The Centre also investigates the impact of policy change on substance use, and we examine the dangerous consumption industry and its influence on policy and society.

The Centre for Addiction Research is dedicated to building research capacity within New Zealand to ensure appropriate evidence is available for the development of effective strategies and interventions by policy makers and treatment providers. In addition to undertaking research, the Centre is also involved in supervising postgraduate research students, and in the design and delivery of postgraduate alcohol and drug studies for health professionals.

We look forward to sharing our discoveries with other researchers, health professionals, service providers, policymakers and the community.

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Associate Professor Natalie Walker


Associate Professor Natalie Walker
Director, Centre for Addiction Research